Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trick them into doing the right thing


WILLING TO ACCEPT: Lincoln Douglas

Mark Fraser

Thank you, pool co-ordinator and Pan Trinbago officials, for this ingenious solution to encourage the youth to learn, play and enjoy the national instrument

When I read Pan Trinbago’s announcement of a new element in the Panorama—Pan Splash—my first feeling was horror, then deep sadness and finally amusement. Bad enough that we have to continue with the Greens which poses stiff competition to pan lovers who want to hear the staged event. But surely, the world body for the national instrument would understand that this “Girls Gone Wild”-type of event is just another manifestation of the blatant disrespect for and disregard of our heritage.

Multiculturialism Minister Lincoln Douglas was willing to accept Mr Diaz’s explanation that the event would “facilitate the involvement of young people in associating with the steelband and that the people who participate in this event are those to listen to, and play pan eventually. They (Pan Trinbago) are more versed in these things than I am and my concerns have been answered in that way.”

Michelle George event co-coordinator of the Pan Splash: (It is) “for re-education of the young people and rethinking the art of entertainment, with regard to the national instrument. We believe that young people need to integrate and be taught how to appreciate the pan, and the point of going on the Greens was for the pan, so it’s not a concept that means to take away from the pan because we are making sure we do not interrupt the pan at all, and once a band is on-stage, the Jumbotron goes up and all other music in the area is ceased, so all the Pan Splash patrons will be able to see and hear the steelbands as they perform and compete.”

George further described the pool as a marvellous idea, “a much cooler gimmick to get you into the pan and trick you into enjoying it”.

I would suggest that other organisations, bodies, whatever…follow the leader:

(1) That churches have a pool and Greens to trick parishioners to the return to church.

(2) That police stations have a pool and Greens to trick informants into reporting crime and abuse and trick miscreants to stop their criminal ways.

(3) That schools have a pool and Greens as an excellent gimmick to trick the students into book learning and good behaviour.

(4) That every community have a pool within a four-block radius to trick residents and stop them from burning tyres and distract them from the ills in their community.

(5) That every home has a pool to help parents trick their children into staying at home instead of running away.

(6) That every government office building has a pool to trick public servants into coming to work on time, staying at their posts and becoming more productive.

(7) That every prison have a pool to trick the officers and prisoners into believing that they are living in a five-star hotel and all is well.

(8) Every steelband have a pool and Greens so that their players could be tricked into staying in their own panyards, generating their own income and tricking themselves into thinking that Pan Trinbago (the world governing body for steelbands) is championing their cause with dignity, creativity and integrity.

Wake up, band leaders and pannists—this may be the last Panorama for our national instrument.

The culture of Panorama—steelbands, the Drag, the barber green, hot sun, meeting long lost friends, arguments, pelau, corn soup, macaroni pie etc,will be an “ole ting” replaced by phi, e-pan, pool, jumbotron, tents, caterers, misting machines, changing rooms, air-conditioned VIP rooms.

The price of progress is high (King Austin). Bring back the old time days (Nappy Mayers).

Marie Diane Dupre

San Fernando