Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trinidadians acting out many, many roles

In response to a letter in the Express headlined “Strange ways to motivate cops” (January 17) in which it is stated that the AG opined that “a person in an acting position will be motivated to work at their best performance levels in order to secure a permanent position,”  may I add that had the AG referred to all Trinidadians as being in acting positions he would have been equally correct.  

Trinidad is one big movie set with actors continuously seeking starring roles. Many achieve this status—lead and supporting roles—by way of data-gathering (education without the requisite experience and wisdom) and many more achieve it by false or engineered data-gathering. Many of these actors have to hire bodyguards who, in seeking their personal interest, have begun to speak out about this national dilemma. 

Local actors and extras can be found in all walks of life —politics, law, the public service, state boards, private industry, the security arms, etc. Logic dictates that an acting CoP can only preside over a de facto body of acting police officers! The full time actors are those to whom the acting actors (e.g. the CoP), report. Actors make up of the entire community of Trinidad and not necessarily Tobago even though a well known bard suggested, long ago, that “all the world’s a stage.”  

The more ambitious thespians—in their attempts to further their acting roles—migrate and become known as Trinis to de Bone! I hope that they and their bodyguards have a successful and crime-free Carnival 2014. 

John Henry

Petit Valley