Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tripe from on high

Is it that Trinidad is unique to all other countries or is it that our politicians are so engrossed in self preservation that they cannot/ will not consult and correct the obvious flaws in our Constitution.

Take the issue of appointing a CoP.. After 4 years we are no closer to an appointment. Why must we always be attempting to reinvent the wheel? Surely there are other nations that make these appointments all the time as a matter of course and do not have to go through the nightmare that we do.

Then there are the latest recommendations on constitutional changes. Why the rush to make changes that require only a simple majority? Get together and give the people something beneficial to the country not the continuous self serving tripe that flows from the Parliament.

If ever there was a case for a “NO VOTE” or “NOTA” campaign it must be now as the present lot have demonstrated that the only time they can agree on anything is when it is to their benefit.

Richard Trestrail

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