Saturday, January 20, 2018

Try Cozier’s remedy

 Now that the word has come from on high in the person of Tony Cozier, maybe the WICB will pay attention to what must be obvious to any careful observer who has watched good West Indian teams disintegrate time and again in competition against ordinary teams.

For the last five years or so there has been truly no dominant team in international cricket, notwithstanding the brazen attempts by India, England and Australia to hijack the game for reasons of money, pure and simple. Until the last Ashes, when Johnson especially and Harris humbled England, the Aussies were wandering where they would find top class talent; Sri Lanka has just beaten England and, of course, India beats everyone at home, but loses regularly abroad, recently at the hands of New Zealand. Pakistan hands out licks to all and sundry when they put their minds to it.

Mr Cozier, as would be expected, diagnosed the illness and leaves the treatment to those qualified. 

The WICB obviously believes that any mention of psychology or the mental element of the game suggests either weakness or madness, so steers clear from the subject. Significantly the board employs, along with a physiotherapist and a masseur, a strength trainer. It would help the thought process, if before the word strength in strength trainer we inserted the word physical. That would help in opening up the minds to the possibility of a mental strength trainer.

West Indian cricketers are no different from other cricketers. They want to win. They are not stupid and lazy and undisciplined as some would have us believe. They need psychological help in preparing to compete in today’s world with countries which have the resources and often expressed immense desire to defeat them as revenge for past humiliations.

Get with the programme.

Romain Pit