Saturday, February 24, 2018

Turning a blind eye to big boys

 The Government has made no progress in the fight against corruption at the higher levels of our nation. This is clearly evident by the reports recently of people being accused of involvement in corruption in the quarry business.

We are now faced with yet another suspicious matter—“$$ missing from the Sports Ministry” (Express, June 16). There is still a wide gap in the accountability and transparency in dealings involving Treasury funds within Government  ministries, which seems to be deliberately ignored by those holding  high official positions.

Most of the blame for this behaviour by the already rich lies with the manner in which the upper classes is dealt with in our system—they seem to be protected.

The losers in all this corruption are the ordinary citizens. 

The People’s Partnership seems to have forgotten the promises it made with regard to crime whilst canvassing for the May 2010 election.

G A Marques

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