Monday, February 19, 2018

Upgrade overdue

 Dear employer, we are writing to you today in the hope that we can appeal to your sense of humanity.

When we embarked on our journey to the Teachers Training College in 2005, we were sure that after two years we would be holders of the required pedagogical knowledge which would have enabled us to discharge our duties satisfactorily.

Assistant teachers in both primary and secondary schools, however, saw this journey prolonged when an agent of yours indicated our journey would now be extended to four more years. We were promised that at the end of our degree programme, where we specialised in primary and secondary fields as well as early childhood and special education, that we would be upgraded to graduate teacher rank.

We endured programmes formulated in situ and in many cases they were not done in collabo­ration with some of your divisions.

Sir, we are tired of being political footballs and bargaining chips to those who should be representing us. We would like to be upgraded to the promised post of T1 (primary and secondary). We would like to be able to feed our families, pay our loans and be able to access services as we should.

Why have you left us languishing with minimum salary for the last eight years? Are we not important to you? Are we not working assiduously in our current positions while our own families struggle to stay together under serious financial and emotional strain? How can we motivate our children to study when we ourselves feel de-motivated by your actions?

We sincerely hope you value our contribution to education thus far and will work expeditiously in ensuring that we, hard-working citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, are able to get our just dues.

J Baboolal

on behalf of the UTT

B Ed in-service graduates