Friday, January 19, 2018

Use the PBR as an alternative route

Reference is made to the letter headlined “Temporary traffic plan madness’’ Express (January 6) submitted by Marsood Khan. In his letter, Mr Khan lamented the condition of the Arima Old Road and its suitability as an alternative route. He further went on to state:

“The PBR will not be made available to motorists between Arima and Five Rivers Junction for the next five months while the Eastern Main Road is closed.”

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to advise the following:

• The Ministry is at present executing rehabilitation works along the Arima Old Road and will continue with these works in 2014.

• The Arima Old Road is one of two alternative routes suggested. It is therefore not the only route that can be utilised by motorists.

• The media release clearly states the use of the Priority Bus Route as Alternative Route A.

• In an effort to ensure proper information, dissemination and garner feedback, the PURE Unit conducted a number of consultations with various stakeholders of the area, inclusive of businesses, residents, transport providers and Government agencies in September and October 2013; all of whom were apprised of the temporary traffic diversion.

It is necessary to note that Bridge B1/23 (D’Abadie Bridge) is over 100 years old and is in need of urgent repair. These scheduled works are crucial in order to improve the safety and flow of all vehicles along the bridge. In addition, the impending dry season will provide the favourable weather conditions necessary to ensure steady and timely execution of the project.

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure regrets any inconvenience caused and thanks the public for its co-operation. For further info, check or call the PURE Unit at 638-2350/2256.

Tiffany Richards

Ministry of Works and Infrastructure