Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Waiting for the next fiasco

 The major theme of the minister’s defence in the LifeSport fiasco that he is not accountable, but that the Ministry of Sport’s implementers are, leaves us with the proposition that this can happen again, and that he or another minister will have no idea and, of course, the minister shall bear no culpability.

This is particularly frightening since the Prime Minister intends to install a substitute programme. 

This proposition is ludicrous on its own, but even more so because the Prime Minister moved the programme to another ministry, which suggests she expects better to be done under the incumbent minister.

The other aspect of his defence—that there was no funding, etc, to terrorists, as touted; and for which he said he would resign if so demonstrated in the audit report—is also shallow. This is so since the audit was prima­rily of an accounting and procedural nature and certainly was not intended to delve deeply into the nature of the beneficia­ries of the largesse. 

If there is any reason at all for the Prime Minister to remove Minister Anil Roberts from office, it has to be for him saying he was unaware of the transgressions and, more so, that it is not his job to be aware.

This itself is more terrifying to all citizens, as we must now sit and wait for the next fiasco for which a minister shall not be accountable (as opposed to responsible for).

Surely, Minister Roberts must know that in Trinidad and Tobago there is at least one citizen who has the intelligence to put proper perspective on his ridiculous and contemptuous defences, that the sorry and pathetic interviews he gave on the television stations on a couple of mornings were not masked by bravado and have actually done greater damage to his and his Government’s credibility.

Brian Ghent

via e-mail