Thursday, January 18, 2018

Walk that talk, Mr London

I do not wish to dwell on the present race talk which has been heating up the flames between the sister isles, but, since the People's National Movement (PNM) has since disassociated itself, apologised and insisted that the Calcutta statement does not represent any principle or foundation of the party, I wish to request the party to prove this to me.

I would like the Orville London-led THA to show more respect to the Hindu/Indo-Trinbagonian society which is alive and contributing to the community and economy of Tobago. I recall in 2009 promises were made by the Chief Secretary that monies were allocated as well as land for Tobago's first temple, but we are now in 2013 and Tobago still stands without a Hindu temple, despite having a considerable amount of Hindus residing there.

This is a huge insult that the Tobago Hindu Society (THS) has had to endure for years.

If we consider ourselves a multi-racial society where all cultures and ethnic groups are embraced by each other without bigotry, and the PNM unreservedly endorses this, then we should not see any ethnic group being disadvantaged, regardless of their numbers.

Maybe, in addition to donning Indian ethnic wear, attending various Hindu festivals and functions, opening inaugurations with Hindu mantras we could see some more tangible approaches to incorporating and acknowledging the Hindu/Indian society in Tobago, like a temple, for instance. In doing so, we would actually be able to believe the claims made by the PNM about its true principles and foundations. We are prepared to disregard Mr Sandy's xenophobic statement, but only if the PNM proves that to us. We will not support by believing in what can be mere puffs. We need to see real action and equal opportunities for all.

I look forward to the enthusiasm of the THA in fulfilling this dream for the THS and me.

Reshma Arjoonsingh

Mt Pleasant