Friday, February 23, 2018

Warm welcome for speed guns on our highways

 The recent announcement by Minister of Transport, Stephen Cadiz, to use speed guns on the nation’s highways to nab speedsters is a welcomed initiative indeed. 

I have always wondered why this measure has never been implemented on our nation’s highways with the level of reckless driving that occur daily. 

Too many lives are lost due to the selfish actions of these inconsiderate drivers. 

This measure could also be a gateway solution in the fight against crime. 

Popularised through the writings of Malcolm Gladwell, we have become familiar with the broken windows theory. This theory states that major crime could be reduced if we first concentrate on reducing the more prevalent incidences of minor crime. 

I strongly believe if we attack this crime, which requires little effort and which is a highly visible signal that laws are being enforced, there would be a positive feedback effect. 

The society would benefit from having visible, effective and positive law enforcement being displayed on the nations highways, where a significant portion of the population spend hours on a daily basis. 

In 1995 the seat-belt law came into effect in this country. It was a measure that was widespread and people went to great lengths to follow this law. 

Incidentally, crime was low during this period. While I am not advocating that there is a correlation between these two occurrences, it is a indeed an area that could be researched to determine if there was one. 

All that aside, the measure is an admirable one, as it will contribute to making the roads safer for all. 

Ricardo Jimenez

Diego Martin