Sunday, January 21, 2018

Warm welcome for Australians byT&T Parliament

I feel compelled to publicly express my great appreciation for the warm welcome that my husband and I have received from everyone we met in Trinidad and Tobago as guests of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and your Parliament. We came with many interests and questions in mind, and we have been astounded by the willingness of all we met to respond in a frank and comprehensive way.

We leave your wonderful country enriched by the experience and with great hope of following up on the many connections we have made. But above all, we experienced a fantastically enthusiastic reception from a people with a well-deserved, world reputation for friendliness and charm.

The officers of the CPA and Parliament, led by the Speaker of the House, the Honourable Wade Mark MP and the President of the Senate, Senator the Honourable Timothy Hamel-Smith, looked after us extremely well and with  a high degree of professionalism that is a credit to their country.

We also gratefully acknowledge Prof Clement Sankat, pro-vice chancellor and campus principal, the University of the West Indies (UWI); Alfonso Munera, secretary general, Association of Caribbean States; and Dr Amoy Lum Kong, director, Institute of Marine Affairs. They and their colleagues all honoured us with their time and information. 

This was truly a visit to remember, and we thank all the people of Trinidad and Tobago who made it so.

The Honourable Marie Ficarra, MLC

Parliamentary Secretary to the

Premier of NSW, Australia