Friday, December 15, 2017

Water pressure in Caroni East

Much of Caroni East has had problems for water for the last five months. It began with the so-called dry season water schedule.

I called family and friends from other places, who were also on the schedule to find out how they were managing: to my surprise the supply in some places was uninterrupted.

Then there are areas that were not on the schedule at all; they also enjoyed the luxury of water for the last five months. Who makes this critical decision about which areas will be rationed and which will not? We all pay the same water rates, so why arenít we all sharing the same inconvenience?

The final straw for me was calling WASA a few weeks ago to find out why we have no water from 6 a.m. Sunday morning to 6 a.m. Monday morning, and being told of reduced output at the desalination plant. Why are we the ones to suffer again? So for weeks now, we have no water for almost four days a week. WASAís representative also said that although the schedule said until the end of May, she cannot say when it will actually end.

How long are we the tax-paying citizens of this country going to be held to ransom by this one desalination plant? Why arenít more desalination plants, dams and reservoirs being built? If collection and storage of water is not improved where will WASA get additional water to distribute?

We had previously enjoyed a regular water supply. Could it be that our supply of water is being sent to other places that are now enjoying a much advertised 24/7 supply? Do people in authority mistakenly feel Caroni East is a safe seat, and we will suffer in silence?

Some people will relate to how difficult life becomes without this most basic need. We are mentally and physically (from carrying buckets) exhausted, stressed and frustrated. This situation has directly caused for the first time in my medical history, elevated blood pressure. Our MP, Dr Tim Goopeesingh, has been of absolutely no assistance.

Elizabeth Singh