Friday, January 19, 2018

Wayne a hero to a young Trini abroad


strong-willed: Dr Wayne Kublalsingh

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Dear Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, I am Fayola Fraser, a young university student at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. More importantly, however, I am a Trinidadian, with a special place in my heart for revolutionaries, activists and the strong-hearted, in general. Most people of this nature, the Mandelas and Gandhis of this world, I have studied solely in history books, so imagine how my spirit sang when I heard of your hunger strike in Port of Spain.

The unshakeable courage and strength that you are showing has been of real inspiration to me; I've even told many of my American friends about your quest for a compromise on this highway plan. After following the progress of your movement, I have come to realise that your strike is more than about a highway, it is about defending the democracy and "liberty" that we supposedly take pride in.

Too many people, especially in Trinidad, love to complain about "the government", but it takes a man of real character and strong will to stand up against the government's heavy-handedness for what he believes will benefit our beautiful country. For this, Dr Kublalsingh, I admire you and will tell generations of Trinidadians to come (should God spare my life) that you were the first hero of my generation.

I watched the video you made, explaining your alternative plan for the highway construction, that was posted on YouTube, and your plan shows a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of the varied needs of our people. The fact is that we do need these highways, and you did a great job explaining the environmental, agricultural and economic costs that this highway plan from the Government will incur.

After watching the video, I came to the conclusion that our country needs educated minds like yours because you looked at this situation from multiple angles and with great expertise. We need you, Dr Kublalsingh, if our country is to take leaps and bounds forward. Your family needs you; I am sure their agony is great at this time. Most importantly, our Government needs you (although they cannot admit it right now) because your advice and knowledge are invaluable. To lose you would be a great tragedy to your family, our society and to me.

I hope you continue to be blessed and highly favoured in the duration of your strike and in your life's journey.

Fayola Fraser

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