Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We are all to blame for crime wave


Mark Fraser

 I heard a minister saying a few days ago the Government is not to blame for the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago, that the responsibility rests with the Police Service. I totally disagree with the minister.

It is my opinion that we all are to blame for the crime situation.

We complain about the proliferation of illegal fireworks, yet the police drive past tents selling fireworks and do nothing. Customs & Excise let them into the country, the Chief Fire Officer says and does nothing, and more importantly we do nothing!

Opposite the Four Roads Police Station, there is a vendor selling pirated CDs and DVDs, yet the police do not enforce the copyright laws by arresting them. Thousands of citizens walk past and drive past this vendor daily, and do nothing.

Members of the legal profession have stood by while the courts became backlogged with the result that the criminals know that justice will never be served, yet we do nothing.

Our husbands and wives break the traffic laws with our children in our cars, yet we do nothing.

The citizens of T&T are now afraid to speak out about ineffiencies and corruption in the Government, inefficiencies and corruption in the police, ridiculous delays in the judiciary. So as I say, we are to blame for allowing our beautiful country to reach this low.

I believe that T&T and all her institutions are still  made up of good, honest, law abiding and hardworking citizens. If there was a loud enough demand from these citizens, the judiciary would find ways to become efficient, the police would rid themselves of the corrupt cops, and the politicians would police themselves and demand performance.

Unfortunately, I think that it will get a lot worse before the silent majority speak out!

Stuart Dalgliesh

Diego Martin