Saturday, February 24, 2018

We have all failed you, Ms Bartlett

 Dear Ms Bartlett, I wish to apologise to you.

• On behalf of our failing social systems, I apologise. 

• On behalf of all in authority who cast aspersions, criticised, promised to investigate, promised legislation to protect children in their homes, and also on behalf of all psychologists (the bush ones too), I apologise.

• On behalf of the absent father figure for your girls, I apologise.

We have failed you and your girls. The system has failed to provide readily available, user-friendly resources to aid parents thrown into situations, such as the one you have now found yourself.

As a government, a people and a society, let us use this opportunity to closely examine the social services we boast of and their feasibility or readiness to reach the people who need them most.

There are so many dimensions to this case highlighted in the video via Facebook, yet the main focus is on the so-called “abuse.”

• Was the child hospitalised for severe physical injuries?

• Is this the same child who is now claiming to love her mother and herself, who is apologetic for the shame and pain she caused the family and who is advising peers “they are a special piece of God’s puzzle”?

Clearly Ms Bartlett, you are prepared to fight the good fight and save your daughters at all cost. Until we as a system provide you with a better way of doing so...carry on, be strong and please do accept my apology.

O Graham

via e-mail