Wednesday, January 17, 2018

We might as well call in Benny Hinn

 The Government has done a poor job of selling its crime plan to the population. 

Yes, there’s a crime plan consisting of three elements—(1) the gun-talking Minister of National Security is buying 2,500 guns for the police, implementing electronic monitoring and sourcing OPVs but not calling them OPVs because the PNM administration used that term,

(2) They paid the Selwyn Ryan Committee $2 million for its recommendations, none of which were novel, but if implemented and maintained by successive administrations will not produce positive results until ten years down the road, because they are substantially long term in nature,

(3) Declared a national week of prayer led by Pastor/Minister Rodger Samuel with full support from the Inter Religious Organisation, perhaps the most crucial element of the crime plan because only columnist Kevin Baldeosingh, self-declared atheist, will not accept that praying to God will solve our crime problem.

Ignore the fact there is no proven correlation between the amount of prayers and the drop in the crime rate, a fact which all developed countries seem to know and therefore do not call for national weeks of prayer but instead do the mundane work of effective policing to reduce their crime rates to acceptable levels.

We seem to know differently in T&T, so I say no half-way measures, let’s go all the way and invite pastor Benny Hinn who on his last visit saw more evil in Trinidad and Tobago than anywhere else in the world.

Annette Singh

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