Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We must make our roads safe again


Mark Fraser

Once again it has happened. Due to some driverís reckless, inconsiderate actions innocent people have been injured and worst, lost their lives. When I read about the gruesome death of this Penal family my heart grieved for them. This young boy was living the life not of a 13-year-old, but someone much older, having to endure dialysis treatment twice a week. People who undergo this treatment will tell you this is not a walk in the park. His mother made an enormous sacrifice, giving up one of her kidneys in order for her son to have a small chance of living. In a cruel twist of fate, someone who couldnít care less for road safety nullified their years of sacrifice in a second.

How heartbreaking! And the strange thing is the person walked away with minor injuries.

I call on the authorities to step up the policing of our highways immediately. For too long we see cars speeding past stationary highway patrols, flouting the rule of law, confident their would be no consequences to their actions. People ďbumperingĒ other drivers, people driving too slow, causing a traffic hazard, people zipping in and out of traffic at high speeds, these are all daily occurrences on our roads.

This behaviour on our highways have become symptomatic of the ills of our society. We need to move fast, and we need to get where we are going no matter what. Get out of my way, you are obstructing me! To hell with law and order, once I get to where I am going, all is well.

I am begging this Government, get those speed guns on the highways, get the legislation in place, revoke some of the reckless driversí licences and letís take back control of our highways.

Cheryl Duncan