Monday, December 18, 2017

We need a lesson in discipline

 I’ve found it interesting that so many people complain about crime and so many people unconsciously or consciously commit simple criminal offences. 

People complain about the criminal elements but are so open to the simplest forms of corruption. It’s not unheard of for people to obtain driver’s licences dishonestly. 

We are shocked when we hear about aggravated assault, theft or burglary but, it is surely not an alien situation for someone to walk out of a store without paying for something, or when they notice something was not checked out on a store’s system they don’t return to correct the mistake.

Crimes can be simple or complex, but they are still unlawful acts.

We should not be surprised, as a people, at the crime situation in our nation as we have all been ones to perpetuate it. One may try to argue that murders and rapes are more serious offences and offences like littering aren’t very important. This reasoning opens a door. Any disregard for the law, however minor, is a disregard for integrity. Seems like we need a lesson in discipline.

Josh Ryan

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