Thursday, December 14, 2017

We the people must demand change

I had to share my thoughts and feelings on the issue of Minister Anil Roberts and the LifeSport programme.

Radio announcer and disc jockey DJ Blessman on 107.1 FM “The Word’’ on July 31 at approximately 6.26 p.m. said something that rang bells in my spirit: “... a round of applause to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago”, referring to earlier events involving the resignation of the Sport Minister Anil Roberts and the influential actions of the citizens on social media calling for him to be fired. I too, want to echo the very same sentiments because it is high time the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago recognise their power does not lie only in their votes during general and local government elections. We have the power to demand change when we feel a government is mismanaging our country’s affairs.

The profound statement, “united we stand, divided we fall” is so powerful if only we as a country can unite against the things we are not in favour of. Why do we stand by idly and accept whatever those in elected power give to us? We are an advancing society and the level of politics and exercising of power in our country needs to be at a professional level where the citizens can have faith in the leaders they place in position to manage their country’s affairs.

I am by no means revelling in the fact that the minister is no longer employed in Government but simply sharing my pleasure with the fact that action was taken because of something that the very people the minister represents did not agree with. I am not against the man, I do not hate the man but rather his actions, disposition, behaviour and characteristics which are not honourable.

I am not kicking my brother while he is down but rather acknowledging the fact that a wrong was identified and there are consequences for such actions. Isn’t that the lesson we are taught as children growing up?

Isn’t it a law in physics every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Then why not apply it to governance?

Whether he resigned or was fired is not my concern but I am happy that he is no longer in a position to indulge in more unfavourable practices and be loud, obnoxious, rude and disrespectful in his reaction to public opinion.

I do not know what the future holds for the “Whaattt man” but I do know that at present he is not in a position to be in an influential position in Government especially within a ministry so close to our young people.

I am terribly displeased by the Prime Minister for not taking earlier action which leaves me in a state of wonder. We the citizens deserve better, we demand better.

Malissa Burton-Valentine

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