Sunday, January 21, 2018

We are defiling our own nation

I read a letter in the Express of December 29 where the writer seemed to suggest it was a Trini- hating person who damaged the paintings at the Queen's Park Oval. I don't believe it was any foreigner. I believe it was one of our own.

When I read the daily news, it is not difficult for me to imagine one or more of our own doing that. Is that not the way a lot of our people treat our city?

They throw garbage anywhere, anytime, from out of car windows, onto the highways. Every couple days I pick up dirty diapers, empty KFC boxes, empty beer and other bottles from the outside of my fence and on the side of the road in Trincity.

Here is the thing that disgusts me most of all strong, healthy men who ought to know better will not hesitate to pull out their privates and urinate in public and women stoop down behind car doors or near a corner and urinate. It's happening all over the place, even against the walls of schools. Parts of Arima look and smell like a cesspool.

Therefore if these people can do that daily with no penalty, why should they not damage a painting on the Oval wall? Let's face it. This is the way a lot of us are.

These same people line up for visas for the US and Canada and they will never throw a candy wrapper on the street in these countries but they will do it here.

Reason? They know better than to do it in those countries because they have stiff penalties for doing same, especially in Canada.

Elaine Phillips

via e-mail