Thursday, February 22, 2018

We must all keep on the pressure on T&TEC

Recently there has been an upsurge in outages occurring without prior notice.

Calls must be made to T&TEC by every affected individual (we must all bombard the relevant management at 800-8832 and express dissatisfaction every time these outages occur). A recorded complaint must be lodged.

But beyond that it is even more critical that complaints be made to the Regulated Industries Commission (RlC). Their phone number is 800-4RIC/4742, their email address is complaints@ and their mailing address is Furness House, Corner Wrightson Road and Independence Square, PoS.

Also, the Minister of Public Utilities must be petitioned every time a power outage occurs without proper reason! The Ministry of Public Utilities is located at 2 Elizabeth Street, St Clair, Trinidad, and the telephone number is 628-7307, Fax 628-6067.

Also the Chairman of the Board of T&TEC: 668-8882; 645-9074, email

Also, send letters to the editors of the newspapers.

One can't help but admire the tyre burners who get to that point after usually exhausting all other options. We must all pressure the relevant authorities in the face of the increasing frequency of random electrical power outages.

Enough griping and complaining. Take action through "people power". Call to account those responsible for this unacceptable level of service.

Ray Metzgler

Petit Valley