Friday, February 23, 2018

We must also make their minds

Criminals aren't born; they are bred. Some are the children of absentee parents, some grow up with parents who themselves haven't grown up, some grow up being exposed to violence etc.

Just as we have the ability to "make a child" so too we have the ability and responsibility to make its mind.

Influencing who your child/children associate with, monitoring what they watch on television, listen to as music is all part of being responsible. Parents/ guardians, you have the ability now to teach your child what is good. Don't shirk your responsibility.

Influences are all around and if you as parents/ guardians choose to let others in society "mould the minds" of your child/children then in every generation crime will be as rampant as it is now.

Be the parent who does the hard work of raising a child who will one day become a respected adult, for the pride you feel will be better than the feeling of shame felt by a parent/guardian whose child has grown and is labelled a criminal.

J Smith

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