Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We want back our Tobago

This is a plea to the political parties who turned the peaceful atmosphere in Tobago into the worst kind of hell!

I've never heard so much noise and bacchanal (not even at Carnival) as this weekend past, I wish Madam Prime Minister and Dr Rowley and their followers had stayed in Trinidad and left the TOP and PNM to run their own campaigns, for quite honestly I don't think you helped. Rather, you have hindered both parties.

Unfortunately we as a people do not take anything seriously. Everything is turned into a fete.

What do big macco trucks and loud music have to do with electing people to office? I think it turned a lot of people off. I know it turned me off.

I don't see election campaigns in other countries being conducted in this manner. And we're hoping for First World status? Then we have to stop behaving like the worst Third World people! Defacing the streets with slogans! Isn't that illegal?

I bet if I started writing stuff on the road the police would be there in no time to stop me, so where were they when all this was going on?

And isn't there a noise limit? If we don't enforce the rules how can we hope for a crime-free, well-behaved society?

Or is that just a pipe dream? I can hardly wait for Tuesday for all this to be over, so we can get our island back.

Jean Barnes

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