Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Western powers creating more woes

 The western powers led by the US invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya using made-up, false reasons, and the media were used to influence people’s minds. In Iraq it was to get rid of Saddam, the despot; in Afghanistan it was to defeat the Taliban. 

Saddam is gone but there are more problems in Iraq. While the Taliban was in power poppy production was eliminated now this has been restarted on a grand scale. Moammar Gadaffi in Libya was defeated but now there are a lot of problems.

In Egypt the legitimately elected ruler was deposed and media personnel who are exposing the atrocities of the Western-backed army are jailed.

Western powers believe that they have the answers to all the world’s problems, and with all their talk of Christianity and Jesus they are using their weapons of mass destruction in the main. They are only inventing newer and more dangerous technology in their attempt to dominate and they are making more problems for humanity. 

Clermont Andrews 

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