Thursday, February 22, 2018

What a disappointing Carnival

 Carnival dates have been confirmed and set by all major stakeholders and advertised on the Internet for years to come. Why, then, is it that at two to three weeks prior to this international event, there is a drastic change in plans, such as the Carnival parade route?

As a result, I must say this was the most disappointing parade I have encountered in all the years I have observed Carnival in the city of Port of Spain. I feel no qualms in saying the Carnival committees have failed miserably this year.

Do these organisers consider the tedious work and financial investment made by stakeholders associated with this event? From disgruntled bandleaders threatening to sue, to vendors with long faces reflecting their losses.

As we are trying to build the tourism industry, how can officials allow these mistakes to be made? Critical decisions should be made and agreed upon between committees and set in stone months in advance. Apologies should not have to be made to any tourist for avoidable inefficiencies.

Unimaginably, the bands paraded everywhere, much to the dismay of masqueraders trying to locate their bands in the chaos, and confused onlookers trying to make the best of what was offered. 

I urge these committees to please make an effort and be more orga­nised so that they can deliver what is expected—the Greatest Show on Earth. Put all personal grievances aside and work together.

L Gomez