Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What about your e-mail info, Mr Minister?

 THIS is an open letter to National Security Minister Gary Griffith.

Dear Mr Griffith, during an interview on December 16 on i95.5 you made a commitment to deliver a letter to the Integrity Commission (IC) which would formally grant them access to e-mail transmissions on your account directly from your provider (servers) for the period in question.  According to your statements the IC should have received same no later than December 27.

We write to seek confirmation on whether:

1. The letter was delivered to the IC as promised.

2.  You waived your rights of privacy either by (a) authorising your e-mail provider to furnish the IC with all e-mail transmissions on your account (sent, received, deleted and archived) for the period in question or (b) authorising the IC to go directly to your e-mail provider to retrieve all e-mail transmissions on your account (sent, received, deleted and archived) for the period in question.

Very serious allegations were made in our Parliament against the holders of high public office.  

This debacle traumatised the nation and whether true or false, a grave injustice has been perpetrated against the people of Trinidad and Tobago in the apparent interest of either retaining or attaining government.  The veracity of this communication must be determined and the perpetrators held accountable.  

From the start, FIXIN’ T&T asserted that the most efficient way to resolve this matter was for all parties involved to allow an independent investigative body access to their e-mail accounts via their respective providers.  This position was also repeatedly articulated by you, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan SC and Minister Suruj Rambachan.  To date unfortunately, those utterances appear to have been empty rhetoric.

You, the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Minister of Works and Infrastructure have, from the beginning, denied involvement in this “e-mail scandal’’ and could have immediately and easily removed any doubt.  The seeming unwillingness to provide full and unqualified cooperation with the IC’s investigation continues to be inconsistent with the maintenance of innocence by you all.

We anxiously look forward to your response as this matter must be put to rest.

Kirk Waithe

via e-mail