Sunday, January 21, 2018

What do we expect?

I refer to the Express report on the answer Dr Brinsley Samaroo gave to a young student in the context of a panel discussion on “young people obeying rule of law”.

The young woman asked why Anil Roberts was not dismissed. Dr Samaroo is reported as replying “...people go into your past... and they make up all kinds of things”. He further quoted the example of George Bush, who came under fire in an election period for smoking weed.

With such an answer, he has implied the woes of the sitting MP are a case of old sins being dredged up and, worse, it is not really what was seen but is possibly made up. Apparently he missed the assertion by BC Pires the magazine in the video was of recent vintage. Maybe we ought to ask BC to identify the person and his clothing in the video.

Dr Samaroo used the curious example of George Bush, who has never admitted marijuana use before running for presidency, precisely because of his desire to be elected and who sneered at Al Gore for admitting his use. The BBC remarked this position was designed to win over the Christian conservatives.

I wonder whether, unwittingly, the example was being used to explain what happens when politicians do not disclose the whole truth to you about a matter since the same Bush then went on to allegedly lie about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, plunging us into global chaos.

What does Dr Samaroo expect our young people, his audience, would do? As an academic, historian and an elder in this society, was this leading the young aright? What do we expect from our young when they get such answers to honest questions?

Noble Philip

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