Sunday, December 17, 2017

What is Duke’s real agenda?

 I find it morally reprehensible to a degree to wake up to photographs in yesterday’s papers of Watson Duke and his “menagerie” of women supporters (I suppose!) celebrating what he clearly sees as a victory in court on Friday as his contempt proceedings drag out through the “justice” system.

Mr Duke has no conscience, is clearly using the situation to big up himself; and the unfortunate and ineffective handling of the situation by Errol McLeod and our “Government” leaves much to be desired.

My family and I have now tried on two separate occasions to apply for the renewal of our machine-readable passports, leaving our home in Port of Spain and travelling to the very nice building where Immigration is housed in Chaguanas; in the second instance, to no avail. The Immigration Department of Trinidad and Tobago has computer problems.

We met a lovely single mom and her daughter, gifted with a trip to the US by family for the summer, making her third or fourth attempt to obtain a passport for her little girl. Not that she is not entitled to it, being a born citizen of the country, but because she cannot get the application in!

A senior citizen with her son trying to renew hers so that she can spend time with a grandchild getting married up the islands. Several business people who are paying for extraditing their very necessary passports with business travel plans couldn’t even make the application because the “system down”. Collections only? Ha! Come back next month!

We will not talk about the dashed hopes and anxiety levels of the parents with children fortunate enough to be accepted at universities and educational facilities abroad. Heart-wrenching.

What is Mr Duke’s real agenda? And if it is just the working conditions of their air-conditioned offices with comfortable kitchens that all seem to make great use of, then why can’t we get the darn thing fixed?!

Obviously, the excitement of the World Cup is much more important than the rights of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago!

Madam Prime Minister, HELP!

T Percival

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