Friday, February 23, 2018

What kind of happiness is this?

Here is a collective “offering”, as JW and Blaze would put it, of our Carnival mentality that seems to pretty much sum up our culture in general:

“When t’ings in meh life going wrong,

Jus’ mix meh somet’ing strong,

And I’ll take a sip

And forget about it...



“Yuh see me,

I is a man,

I always happy once money in meh han’...

Play ah mas’ and

Live meh life...

Drink ah rum an’ live meh life...

D’ happiest man alive...”

These two offerings, along with a few others, are anthems for C2K14. The songwriters/performers of the above lyrics have, in a nutshell, captured the culture of Trinis, which explains the positive response from modern soca fanatics to these songs.

Congratulations on your success guys; you know your people! And they love you for bringing to them in song the truth about our culture: justification for the complacent and escapist mentality that is at the core of excessive drinking and partying (similar to a week of prayer in order for some God or the other to fix problems we created), and the fact that spending the money to play an all-inclusive Carnival (a “stoosh” mas) defines living one’s life and being happy.

Being no saint, and possessing no desire to be one either, I sometimes find myself singing along, because it’s Carnival, my unique cultural heritage, and no matter how terrible the offerings this year (thank you Viking for saving Soca 2014 almost by yourself), or how much thieving, raping, killing, corruption, covering up, suffering and filth in the environment I witness daily, I am a Trini and therefore know how to make light of every situation.

Still, I have to admit that the thought crossed my mind: When you go to sleep drunk, don’t you wake up with the same problem you were trying to forget? And if playing a mas means living and being happy, we only live and are happy once a year?



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