Friday, February 23, 2018

What more will it take?

 What more will it take for us to realise that as a society we are degenerating rapidly? 

When a state prosecutor can be murdered in a professional hit, it speaks volumes about the country’s weak justice system, security measures and the terrible failure to ensure that nationwide levels of security are maintained. 

Why does it take the murder of a renowned and distinguished attorney to change our national security status from green to amber? Perhaps if another VIP is murdered next week our status will shift to red. Why the reaction after the event, why a heavy police presence after a tragedy like this? Why not consistently?

Our Minister of National Security is urging us not to panic and jump to conclusions but the conclusions are evident. A murder every day regardless of who the individual might be, is enough to warrant serious national emergency but because we’ve become inculcated into accepting that as our norm and culture, it has simply become casual conversation at our lunch rooms and social gatherings. “It’s time for us to get serious in T&T” is a phrase that has reverberated throughout the years but  has it become illusory?

I do not believe crime will ever be eliminated but I do believe that much more can be done if we would develop proactive action plans rather than just be reactive. In addition, I firmly support Gary Griffith, Minister of National Security in his call for citizens to come forth with information regarding any criminal activities.

Our protective services are only as good as the information they have, so we must refrain from creating a dichotomy between the law enforcement agencies and the citizens because we play a critical role in our protection.

Jameke Brown