Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What was so special about LifeSport?

 It truly amazes me citizens of Trinidad and Tobago as well as members of its Government believe a LifeSport programme could solve all the problems that 16 years of free primary and secondary school education did not solve.

Out of curiosity, have any media personnel asked Minister Anil Roberts what was his plan for these “poor black” boys after their stint in LifeSport? How long was one to be in this programme and at what cost to taxpayers? Would these poor black boys have been accepted into universities after their time in LifeSport? Would they have gained meaningful employment and be hired by banks, insurance companies, etc?

After LifeSport, would they have learned a trade such as auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, farming, etc, that would have enabled them to become employable or start their own businesses?

What exactly is what so special about this LifeSport programme that it would have fixed what 16 years of free education couldn’t? That it would have fixed what YTEPP, GATE and UTT couldn’t fix? And why is it that a programme created by Anil Roberts is being touted as the only means of salvation for these “poor black” boys? 

Don’t these poor, black boys have access to the same opportunities such as free education and GATE like other little black boys who, interestingly enough, while not being born into wealthy families are not described as poor simply because they choose not to go down a path of crime?

These are the questions members of the media need to ask the honourable Anil Roberts.

Oke Zachary