Sunday, February 25, 2018

What Sandy meant

It'S amazing that most if not all commentators on Tobago issues are non-Tobagonians.

Tobago has never at any time prided itself as a community that upholds racist views or actions, but anyone who has come to Tobago knows we love our own and we defend our own, no matter what.

Hilton Sandy should have known that anything he said would have been scrutinised and used in the way his "Calcutta'' statement was used but what he warns is about Tobagonians losing their space. It is clear for all to see. Many of the new businesses in Tobago are not Tobagonian-owned.

A lot of the development in Tobago is not geared towards developing Tobagonians. Ask the views of the Tobagonian who is struggling to sustain himself, ask his views on the migration of well-to-do businessmen and all those who come here, do business here, but spend money earned here elsewhere. This is not by any means a fault of the THA but a sad indictment on how poorly we coexist as a twin-island republic.

Anson James

Signal Hill