Friday, January 19, 2018

What about my 9-year house plea?

I am writing just to express my disgust and depression over a story in the Sunday Express of January 6. I am amazed by the unfairness going on in this country.

To see a young woman, 27 years old, come on the papers and turn down an apartment that was given to her unconditionally! Imagine, beggars getting to be choosers. I am so depressed and heartbroken.

I am a single mother of two. My daughter's father died and my son's father went to America promising to pave a way for us but he never returned.

I applied nine years ago to HDC for a home. Like that other woman I was evicted, in my case from my Marabella home last February. I was paying $1,200 a month. I was living at family and friends for months until I got an apartment at La Romaine, paying $2,500 monthly. With the help of friends from church and work and my family I got groceries and furniture.

I am employed as a casual worker at Plipdeco. I went to various MPs for assistance but so far... only promises. I am forced to pay that big rent and I have to maintain my two children and make ends meet.

I am a struggling single parent and it hurts me to see such unfairness. "Every creed and race find an equal place"? Not true!

I have to work additional odd jobs to make my children happy and keep a roof over their heads and yet there is someone who turned down an offer of HDC accommodation?! What am I supposed to do? Can someone please help me; if not me, my children. Please?

L Taylor

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