Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What are we leaving our youths?

Much fanfare in celebration of our nation's 50th birthday reverberated throughout T&T during August and September but only a few of us took time to reflect on the direction and future of our beloved land.

What are the fortunes ahead or what is the destiny of T&T?

1. Are we a nation without a serious ideology or with an ideology which is not immersed in consideration of the consequences which can follow decisions and actions?

2. Are our people—particularly our leaders—interested in our political, social, spiritual, and technological development? Or is it a case of "Let us be merry and take what we can get now for tomorrow will take care of itself.'' God is not a Trini.

3. Annually, secondary and university graduates are spilling over into the job market. Will the nation be able to find work for all or are we going to be like those nations which have been so hard hit by the 2008 world financial crisis that to date few of their secondary and tertiary graduates can find jobs?

4. When or if our oil reserves are depleted, how will we survive?

I may be wrong but no one seems to be aware of the potential catastrophe that lies ahead.

I have been socialised to believe that leaders should inspire their team members; that at all times they should seize opportunities for developing and rehabilitating. In T&T, all I see is character assassination, the destruction of our social fabric and economic foundations to score cheap political and ethnic points, and the exploitation of the weak, naive, and helpless.

Is it not time that we ponder on what legacy we are leaving our future populations? Is it not time to start developing our youth along the correct path? Is there a better way to celebrate 50 years of independence?

R S Hackett

St Augustine