Sunday, February 25, 2018

What can our new President do?


LOVELY WORDS: President Carmona

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What are we to make of the President's address? Would he be prepared, for example, to demonstrate the clout which he claims the Constitution gives him as against the perception that the Office of the President is often manoeuvred into being a political clone of the Government or is a toothless tiger?

Would the Government subscribe to his stated intention of seeking dialogue with it and provide data on a continuing basis on its performance when the President's Office is treated largely as ceremonial and with no real precedent of being actively involved in affairs of State?

Again, would there be meaningful constitutional reform to "unravel the disconnect between people and governance" as the President claims, especially on the issue of proportional representation when it is an unspoken but obvious given that both the major political parties rely on their ethnic bases to get into power?

Would he be able to set in train the movement for greater accountability, transparency and responsibility inherent in the watchword "Discipline" when not only for those who govern but also for the governed, the lack is so evident that it has almost become cultural?

How will he be able to get a fair day's work for a fair day's pay when, especially in the public sector, the practice is to bleed the system for our own gain, or when hiring practices often have little to do with competence and productivity?

He has something to work with in the peaceful co-existence that we share, but what can he do counter the tension that which lies beneath and which rears its ugly head under the slightest pretence?

What can he do about the home to give our young people a moral sense of right and wrong from the beginning when there are so many broken homes themselves the breeders of crime, and will he be able to build on his "Bail Boys Project" to get rid of the "get rich or die trying" mentality among our youth?

Can he inculcate that sense of community which he grew up in among the villages of the South when rampant individualism is the mantra of urbanity and the modern era?

Lovely, lovely words and I think he means them, but will he become the anomaly that many of us have in seeking a better T&T in our writings and other endeavours, when "doing the right thing because it is right" is the greatest wrong in a self-serving environment which at the core, we really are as a people?

But then who knows, impossible a dream as it seems, this may just be the sign of things to come!

Dr Errol Benjamin

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