Friday, December 15, 2017

What compensation?

WE refer to Kim Boodram's article in the Sunday Express of December 16, headlined"Trawlers look for state buyout".

Fishermen and Friends of the Seas is relieved to read Minister Devant Maharaj being quoted as saying the "rape of the sea" has been allowed to flourish for too long, and referred to trawling as a "prehistoric" form of fishing.

Now that several shrimp trawlers have been caught red-handed in the middle of the illegal fuel bunkering fiasco, and now that even the shrimp grounds have been scraped and reduced to a wasteland by trawlers themselves, it is convenient that the trawler association should be seeking compensation. They must be reminded, however, that the degradation is of their own making.

Gary Aboud

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea