Friday, February 23, 2018

What's wrong with Rowley in a kurta?

after the many missteps of the Prime Minister and members of her Government she advised the country to move on. That piece of advice was an excellent one. But why didn't the Prime Minister follow her own advice when she attended the Divali Nagar?

One writer referred to PNM members and their "blunt and insensitive refusal to attend Divali and Indian Arrival Day celebrations". Now Dr Rowley, having visited the Nagar, has been severely castigated, firstly by the man who is aspiring to become Prime Minister of a multi-racial country and, horror of horrors, by the Prime Minister.

Why can't Dr Rowley wear a kurta? What is wrong with an African man wearing a kurta? Or is it that the kurta is for Mr Warner alone? Clothes is for any and everybody. As far as I am concerned, Mr Warner should never attend parliamentary meetings again simply because Dr Rowley sits in the Parliament.

As this was a religious festival, couldn't the critics keep quiet for once? Couldn't they have thanked the PNM leader for coming and encouraged him to come again? My young daughter looked at Mr Warner and asked, "When is he going to grow up?" Come on Mr. Warner, you are an older man. You can set some examples for the younger folks who are looking on. If Dr Rowley had not gone, he would have been severely criticised.

In 2010 when Kamla threw her hat into the ring I supported her. Today I have lived to regret that. I realise that people talk change only when they do not hold the reins of power.

May light illuminate our darkness and may we have peace that some of us are longing for in this nation.

Jerome T Armstrong