Sunday, January 21, 2018

When Mills came

 I wish to draw to the attention of editors and readers of erroneous information concerning the late Therese Mills printed in the Express over the past week.

While I will be the first to agree that she was an excellent journalist and indeed that’s the reason I first appointed her as editor-in-chief 20 years ago, she was not the founding executive chairman and chief executive officer as described in many publications.

When I started Newsday in 1993, I offered her a job as my editor-in-chief which she agreed to, and she only joined the Newsday less than two months before its first publication in September 1993, long after it was conceptualised and many of the fundamentals put in place. 

The first chief executive officer was me followed by David Renwick. Ms Mills was Newsday’s third CEO.

Likewise, Newsday’s first chairman was me followed by Steve Castagne. Ms Mills was the third chairman who I nominated in 1997.

It is unclear how this mis-information got into the public domain because I have only seen Ms Mills describe herself as the “founding editor” which is still ambiguous. Interestingly, these are facts known to many practising reporters and journalists in all arms of the media.

I recently sent Ms Mills and all Newsday directors  several pre-action protocol letters concerning my interest in Newsday, the last of which was delivered on Christmas Eve. In her initial response, she denied my legal challenge to the first letter and it would be interesting if this will be perpetuated by her former colleagues.

Daniel Chookolingo

via e-mail