Saturday, February 24, 2018

When rumours rule

AS I looked on and listened to the “e-mailgate”issues put into the public domain by the Leader of the Opposition I am reminded of the following:

a. Dr Eric Williams “ketch” ANR Robinson going through his papers at his Whitehall desk at the height of the Black Power days in February-April 1970. He stopped him from taking over the country.

b. As minister of finance under the PNM, ANR Robinson “stole” all the $2 bills.

c. In the lead-up to the THA elections in the 80s a cache of arms and ammunition was found. The rumour was that it was intended for the DAC to seize power in Tobago if they lost the elections.

d. The Baptist letter which outlined ways in which the water supply would be poisoned by the ONR to kill off as many Baptists as possible, should the ONR win the 1981 general elections.

e. The dragon that the NAR and in particular then prime minister ANR Robinson put on the Red House. This dragon was slayed by Minister Colm Imbert and his troops when the PNM returned to power in 1991.

f. Sadiq Baksh “had” cocaine and ammunition in his water tank.

g. Planeloads of Guyanese were imported into Trinidad and put on the voters’ list to vote for the UNC in the 2000/2001 general elections. Many UNC activists are to be arrested for so doing (voter-padding) and “they will go to jail” for their crimes. 

Who put these rumours in the public domain and ensured that they got life?

Before true facts “killed” these rumours, thousands believed them.

Joseph Toney

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