Monday, December 18, 2017

When icons betray our trust


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The one levelling factor in modern-day society is the law. It may be the only means by which the oppressed and the downtrodden can get some semblance of redress after being taken advantage of by others.

Reading the proceedings of the recently concluded court matter against two well-known entertainment icons, Machel Montano and Kernal Roberts, and a not-known-at-all citizen, Russell Pollonais has secured the confidence which the ordinary citizens have in the country's legal system.

It is far too often that we read about well-known individuals taking matters into their own hands and bullying the ordinary citizens with the thought that their popularity, wealth and claim to stardom will shield them against the law of the land. Too often they succeed in their quest to do as they please, much to the disadvantage of the common ordinary citizen who may remain common and ordinary because of a wiser choice in that way of life. So where is the logic in playing better off than the rest of us?

Such atrocious and bullying behaviour has been going on for far too long now.

It is too common among the filthy rich, those entrusted with power to rule, gang and group leaders, even heads of families and now entertainment artistes, all of whom should be role models in society. We can recall the behaviour of yet another artiste when he failed to get the judges' nod at a chutney soca competition. When this happens these icons have betrayed the trust placed in them by society.

The arguments put forward by counsel for the accused persons that they represent the country and the number of songs written and performed as well as somebody being a father and a motivational speaker all give further reason for one to believe that the guilty parties have betrayed that trust placed in them. Let the law of the land prevail.

WKS Hosein