When the law doesn't mean a thing

Is there any wonder that we continue to be a lawless society when the powers that be on one hand talk about law enforcement and on the other do the complete opposite?

Two cases in point.

Case 1

During a media briefing, just before New Year's ASP Joanne Archie quoted, with respect to fireworks, sections 99 and 100 of the Summary Offences Act 11:02 and I quote: "It is an offence to throw, cast, set fire to or let off any fireworks into or upon any street not being in any town or into, in or upon any place being within 60 feet of the centre of any such street."

"Anyone who contravenes the act is liable to a fine of $400. Under the Fireworks Permit Regulation, the Commissioner of Police or any superintendent authorised by him, in writing, may grant any person or persons written permission prescribing the time, place and conditions for fireworks in a town".

Archie went on: "Any application must be made in writing 48 hours previous to the time applied for and the application must contain particulars of the description of fireworks intended to be thrown, cast, set fire to or let off, and of the particular locality in the town in which such fireworks are intended to be used."

In simple layman's terms this means no one should be allowed to sell or purchase any form of fireworks without first having the written consent of the police after supplying, 48 hours in advance, a detailed list of the description of fireworks intended to be thrown, cast, set fire to or let off, and of the particular locality in the town in which such fireworks are intended to be used.

This no doubt has to be a big joke since fireworks vendors were seen at nearly every corner, compound and mall selling their stuff. They even took full page ads, television advertisements and radio commercials offering specials of "buy one get one free". Most of these vendors, if not all I am sure, don't even know what a fireworks permit looks like and could not care less. The cash register was sweet music to their ears and the $400 fine they took with a puff of smoke.

Case 2.

It is against the law to use private vehicles for public transport, but this practice continues and has even increased especially after the former minister of works, and now Minister of National Security, Jack Warner, gave permission to do so some time in 2011. I am yet to see the police or the insurance companies taking full page advertisements to warn the public of this illegal practice or even transport officers stopping anyone.

The question we should now ask ourselves, the few remaining law abiding citizens, is do we commence legal proceedings against the Commissioner of Police, the Minister of National Security, the Transport Commissioner, the Comptroller of Customs and the DPP for not up- holding the law or just do like David Rudder and Kes are suggesting in their Carnival 2013 song: "Live Yuh Life Like Yuh Playing Mas"?

C Peters

via e-mail

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