Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where are my CDAP drugs?

 I write in disgust, anger and disappointment as for the last four months, I have not been able to receive my CDAP (Chronic Disease Assistance Programme)allowance and now wonder if the meaning of the Government health programme CDAP means “Cannot Depend Again Permanently”.

 It therefore follows that if I want to continue looking after my health, I have no option but to purchase the required CDAP medication by paying for it out of my already leaking pockets. 

The pharmacy I deal with and where I have my signed, doctors-approved CDAP form lodged keep apologising for the non-availability of CDAP medication, but the medication is available at the same pharmacy as long as I pay for same; in other words, I am being offered private stocks for purchase, but no stocks of CDAP is available. Not for one moment do I think that I am getting the runaround by the pharmacy mentioned as in checking with two other pharmacies, their position is the same. 

Maybe the pertinent Government authority when reading this can enlighten us all as to when next our CDAP medication will be available.

Richard Lobo

Diego Martin