Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where are the neutral constituencies?


honoured: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, centre, Peter Minshall, left, and Mighty Sparrow, right.

Mark Fraser

 Attention people of Penal! The Opposition Leader has declared your province to be bereft of class and activities associated with anything of national interest should not take place there.

He further directed that national icons should not have to be “taken down” there since it is not a “neutral” location. (After reading this I had recurring visions of Papillon in Henri Charrie’s book of the same title, being “taken down” to French Guiana’s penal colony decades ago.)

The Opposition Leader stated he felt “embarrassed” for Sparrow and Minshall.

These are very interesting comments indeed. The import of these statements can be instructive for the nation as to how the Opposition Leader looks at any part of Trinidad south of the Caroni River. 

He should go a little further and list all the various constituencies where, in his opinion, announcements can be made on items of national interest and not bear the stigma of being politicised. This will guide any prime minister in the future from committing such a dastardly act and making an announcement in an undeserving location.

Now mind you, this was not the actual award of the benefits being conferred. The actual Order of Trinidad and Tobago and the deed to the property will be conveyed sometime in the future.

Imagine (horror of horrors) the angst and the ire of the Opposition Leader if the actual award of the items were to be made in say – Tabaquite! The gentleman would have a cow!

This might be an opportune time to also ask the Minister of Food Production to send in a team to Diego Martin (obviously a neutral constituency) to examine an apparent outbreak of “hoof in mouth” disease. 

 Methinks the Opposition Leader should indeed feel embarrassed – not for the Sparrow or Minshy – but for himself. Mouth open true perspective jumps out!

V Lutchman