Friday, December 15, 2017

Where were they?

since the People's Partnership Government has taken over it seems there are only protest actions throughout the island. If it's not for pay increases, it's for better working conditions, better roads, floods, jobs etc. If you breathe too hard someone will protest. Yes, there have always been protest actions but not as many as I'm now experiencing.

Where were all these protesters for the last 20 plus years? Have they been in the woodwork and are now coming out? Were public servants happy with the conditions and salaries they then received? Did they not want days to reflect? Did the schools and roads and other buildings only now start falling apart? All we are hearing or seeing is "ah want this ah need that, we have no jobs".

Blocking roads is now normal for anything you want: jobs, water, homes, fixing roads blocking and dancing on the roads, burning tyres, putting communities on hold.

Teachers want their increase so they dance and beat drums. Is this any way for the people who are supposed to bring up children to behave?

When the PNM government threw Dr Kublalsingh out, why did he not go on a hunger strike then?

Race has now become an important issue with all. How come we had no race or religion before? Please people, keep the religion and race away from politics.

My final word. Yes we all want better lives for ourselves and our families but think before you take these types of actions. There are better ways to seek improvements. Try community projects, don't only wait for handouts.

R Ragoo

St Augustine