Monday, January 22, 2018

Where’s the justice?

 My condolences go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Dana Seetahal who died in tragic and brutal circumstances just over a week ago. I did not know the good lady but I think that she won the hearts of many with her openness and down to earth approach both in her dealings with people and with the law.  

The AG’s response after Ms Seetahal’s murder I found to be in poor taste when he claimed Ms Seetahal had called him to enquire whether he liked her last article. 

Notwithstanding that and not to detract from the work done by the good lady, I am very displeased though not surprised by the response of Crime Stoppers and the Government in offering a $3.5 million reward to find Ms Seetahal’s killers. It sends a wrong message to many families who have suffered real pain and heartache at the loss of their loved ones with no help from the police, no rewards offered and no government ministers anxious to attend their funerals and to be publicly heard and seen.  All life is important.

I am equally astounded by the decision of the court in the Highway Re-route Movement matter. Here one gets the impression that wrong is right and once you continue in wrongdoing this might actually help you in the courts. Someone made the statement that this decision is like a man walking up to another man with very expensive ammunition and shooting the target in his arm and legs. Once before the courts, the judge says, “You were clearly wronged in having suffered serious injury, but since the ammunition cost the shooter so much, he should at least be allowed to finish the job and shoot you in your head.”

Where is the justice?

Riaz Ali