Sunday, February 25, 2018

White collar crime at root of our problems

In the Sunday Express of January 5, I read a statement by Gary Griffith, Minister of National Security, in which he was responding to critics of his statement about rogue cops and the need to get rid of them.

The issue underlying this matter is the plague of organised crime hovering over our heads as a nation. Its main ingredient is corruption which is a way of life not only in the Police Service but at Customs, Immigration, Licensing, etc.

Let me give an example. If what I read in the press lately is true. A man went to a private health institution where surgery was performed on him to remove cocaine pellets from his stomach. It is alleged the drug was returned to him for a fee of $100,000.

The so-called rogue police officers were not informed. Note well: if a public health officer can do such a thing in the view and obvious hearing of others, he is of the belief he will never be caught and punished. Any sane person would come to that conclusion.

So Mr Minister tackle white collar crime. Then there will be no need for these rogue cops.

Athelston Clinton