Thursday, January 18, 2018

Who cares for Beetham people?

The existence of Beetham Gar­dens speaks to the qualitative and quantitative character of Trinidad and Tobago as a nation. Unlike gas, oil and asphalt, with which we have been blessed, Bee­tham Gardens is our proudest accomplishment. We created it.

At birth, it was alleged to be temporary hou­sing and perhaps it still is. However, civil decency in most wealthy western societies suggests it is not a facility fit for human occupancy, yet it has spawned generations of our


Its continued existence is owed to the insensitive and cru­el leadership at national and local levels, both private and public, who continue to be mute on this egregious social obscenity. This community reflects abject poverty and is a breeding ground for criminal activity, mayhem and antisocial behaviour. Apparently, it is a crime to be poor in Trini­dad and Toba­go.

Beetham Gardens, as we now know it, continues to exist not because we lack financial resources, it exists because our nation’s moral compass is selective and arbitrary.

For example, the high priests of our nation’s moral authority are rapidly surfacing and voicing their disapproval of the behaviour of masque­ra­ders during the recently concluded two days of Carnival. By comparison, Beetham Gar­dens has existed for decades, and even as the human rot continues, the same individuals appear to be oblivious to the societal needs of their fellow citizens in a land of plenty.

Before Independence, we appeared to be a neighbourly, caring and compassionate people, what happened?

Errol F Hosein

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