Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Who is getting the wrecker money?

IN THE interest of the protection of the public on whom we rely we wish to urgently advise that confusion currently reigns with respect to parking restrictions and the wrecking of vehicles in the general Port of Spain area.

In meetings held last week with the Ministry of Works and in assurances given by the Minister the downtown business community was promised that alternative parking arrangements would be provided at the Salvatori Building site and at the Parkade before the planned parking restrictions came into effect on April 2.

We were further assured that time would be given to us to give adequate notice to the public to protect them from being caught unawares by changes in the parking rules.

This unfortunately has not come to pass and despite the April 2 guideline random and widespread wrecking of motor vehicles occurred last week.

From what we have been able to gather, the instructions to wreck vehicles are emanating from City Hall.

Members of the public and many business people are pressing us to ask the following questions:

Who owns these wreckers?

How much money is being collected daily and monthly from the public whose vehicles are being wrecked?

Who is receiving this money and how is it being divided?

Do signs and warnings exist on all the streets where wrecking is taking place?

Until we can have the intervention and protection of the Ministry of Works and the promised parking alternatives, we wish to advise members of the public using Port of Spain, including Belmont, the Queen's Park Savannah area, St Clair, Woodbrook, Newtown and St James to protect themselves by not leaving their vehicles unattended when conducting any business, and by being on the lookout for this wrecking service.

A rescue plan for Port of Spain requires us to protect the public upon whom we rely and who do business in our city. Jobs are at stake and the future survival of our nation's capital is at risk.

We shall continue to provide further information when it is reliably available.

We wish to assure the public and the national community that, in the interest of the future of our nation's capital, we remain dedicated to balancing the need for organised parking with the desire to create order on our streets in an atmosphere devoid of hostility and without the need to punish the pubic with surprise actions.

Downtown Owners and

Merchants Association

Port of Spain