Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Who is guiding this ship of state?

There is a well-known saying that "those who don't hear will feel". I am of the view that in due course, this dictum might very well apply to the People's Partnership Government as the countless missteps which ministers and their associates continue to make could "break the camel's back".

There is, as well, the well-known axiom that unlike the boomerang and like the spent arrow, the spoken word never comes back. In spite of entreats from well-meaning citizens, ministers continue to speak "out of turn" and to "criss-cross" one another. 

This Government came into office with much goodwill and expectation from the population. Notwithstanding the positive work being done in some quarters, this goodwill is being frittered away through continuing missteps and utterances which do nothing but contribute to the increasing image of a Government as a "drifting ship". Indeed, much fodder is being fed (perhaps unintentionally) to an anxiously awaiting Opposition. 

Indeed, concern has been expressed that some ministers appear not to care about their personal images. Moreover, "responsible" citizens are concerned that the image of the country is being tarnished undeservedly. 

While one would expect resistance to change, particularly on account of the advent of a Government which chooses to operate in a style and modus operandi which happens to be different from which the population had been so long nurtured, one would nevertheless expect (and, indeed, hope) that every effort would be made to bring professionalism, certainty of purpose, even passion, dignity and exactitude in the formulation of Government policies and their execution. 

What has become of the role of permanent secretaries and senior Government officials? What part do politically appointed advisers play in guiding this "ship of state"?

Errol OC Cupid