Friday, February 23, 2018

Who’s guarding the guards Mr Minister?

On very rare occasions a foreign diplomat comments about issues that negatively affect his/her host country.

British High Commissioner Arthur Snell stepped out of his crease last week and batted public officials in the wake of the macabre killings of two young children (ages nine and 14). 

They were executed mafia-style at their Morvant homes.

Mr Snell’s  message was simple—if society knew these children were living lives that were running contrary to the laws of the land, what did they, as protectors and guardians of children, do about this?

To date, I have not read any rebuff of the diplomat’s cryptic statement. Has he hit a raw nerve?

 brazen, gun-toting criminals are having a field day in this country, no arrests yet since the assassination of legal luminary Dana Seetahal on May 4.

Mr Minister of National Security, who’s guarding the guards? 

Reza Abasali

El Socorro